Evergreen Afghan Hound Club

The Evergreen Afghan Hound Club was founded in 1973 with the express goal of promoting and sharing as a group the ethical breeding, exhibiting, and overall enjoyment of Afghan Hounds in the Pacific Northwest.

The EAHC sponsors back to back Afghan Hound Specialty Shows and Sweepstakes in August, five supported entry shows, and several All Breed Agility trials annually. Check the EAHC Events page for dates and info.

The August Specialties include Sweepstakes and Regular class judging. There is a luncheon put together by the club and club members, followed by an Arts and Crafts Auction. The items for the Auction are donated by club members and through the generous contributions of the very talented artists in the Afghan Hound community.

Our annual Specialties, Agility Trials, and Conformation Handling Classes are the major sources of income for the club.

Annually, we donate funds collected through membership dues, the Specialty Show, Agility Trials, our Art Auction, and Handling classes to various causes. Some of the causes we have supported are:

· Afghan Hound Club of America Charitable Rescue Trust

· Afghan Hound Club of Greater Portland Rescue - Angela Barrett

· King County Humane Society & SPCA of Bellevue, WA

· The Morris Animal Foundation

· Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue

· Seattle Humane Society

We have also donated to charitable organizations that aid animals affected by natural disasters throughout the United States.

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